Halving the price of bionic prostheses and artificial organs

Hélice is an innovative financial engineering based on Blockchain (Polygon) that aims to halve the price of bionic prosthetics and artificial organs.

These technologies include retinal implants, prosthetic arms, neuroprosthetics, artificial hearts, exoskeletons etc.

We are frustrated by the exorbitant prices of these technologies ( ≈$100,000) and the slow pace of development in these fields.

The highly personalized nature of these devices complicates mass production, driving up prices.

Furthermore, biotechs struggle to advance innovation, as it can take them up to 10 years to generate revenue, resulting in low investments in this sector. 

This is where Hélice’s engineering comes into play. Firstly, by breaking the vicious cycle through halving prices, and secondly, by generating a capital influx to accelerate the development of these technologies within our future laboratory

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How is the Halving accomplished ?*

*A French version  of the Lite Paper is also available here


SMART CONTRACT ADRESS : 0xd25A8F412e126869eaC114Ff5734C8ee3c10ff9D  

Available on UniswapV3 (Choose Polygon network)


Max Supply of 1 Unit

$HELICE is very rare and deflationary due to its max supply of 1 unit. We believe that the high value of the token (which will be equal to its Market Cap) will be a symbol of the project’s quality and enhance the reputation of our brand focused on the most advanced biotechnologies. Indeed, it would be devalued if the token had a value of $0.00… We believe that a perceived high value will attract more long-term investors as well as excellent partners to propel our growth.


Transaction fees and passive income 


To finance the prostheses, Hélice applies a 2% fees on its token (buy/sell). Hélice will strive to promptly implement a mechanism (or system)  with the aim of allowing the holders of its token to generate a passive income. 

Buyback & Earn


The quantity of $HELICE will further decrease overtime, thanks to the buyback & Earn initiated with each prosthetic sold.


SMART CONTRACT ADRESS : 0xd25A8F412e126869eaC114Ff5734C8ee3c10ff9D

Available on UniswapV3 (Choose Polygon Network )  




First patient : Dylan

Additional partnerships


Fractional payment service available

First HALVING and First buyback & EARN

Additional services on our platform

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Creation of the Hélice model

Presentation to the community 


Token available 

2023 / 2024

Plateform available

2024 / 2025

Creation of an R&D laboratory with our partners

More than 100 patients fitted with the most advanced prostheses



Creation of the Hélice Model

First patient : Dylan

Presentation to the community 


Additional partnerships


Token available 


Fractional paiement service available


Plateform Available


First Halving and Buyback & Earn

More than 100 patients fitted with the most advanced prostheses


Creation of an R&D laboratory with partners to accelerate the development of their technology. 


Advisors & Team (non exhaustive)

Bernard | Ph.D in Biology

Anton | Doctor of Medicine

Denis | Ph.D in Economics

Florian | Ph.D in Neurosciences

Thomas | Ph.D in Financial Engineering

Jérôme | Ph.D in Biomedical engineering

Thierry | Ph.D In Pharmaceutical Sciences

Olivier | Ph.D In Quantum Physics

Florian | Ph.D in Law

Jaime | Ph.D in Economics

Samuel I MSc In Physics

Adrien | MSc In International Finance

William I Master in International Management

Mickaël | MSc Financial Markets and Investments & Master in Management

Zackary | Advisor

Héloïse | Founder and CEO

Bernard Verrier | Ph.D in Biology

 Director of the “Tissue Biology and Therapeutic Engineering” department at the IBCP (CNRS & University of Lyon).

Born in France in 1957 and trained as a chemist, before getting a phD in molecular virology in 1985 and post-doctorated for three years at the EMBL, Germany, in retroviral oncology. Then, he moved to Lyon (France) to study human retrovirology, designing HIV vaccine candidates, either therapeutic, using tat,rev or nef regulatory proteins or prophylactic, with gp140 constructs, through a permanent position at CNRS. Director of research from CNRS since 2004, he was head of a joint unit between CNRS and bioMerieux, dedicated to HIV and HCV therapeutic vaccines.

Anton Sindali | Doctor of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine thesis (hepatic surgery).
Diplomas of 3rd cycles of university studies in Marseille (Aix- Marseille II): Qualified in General Surgery, University Diploma in Anaesthesia – Intensive Care, University Diploma in Pathological Anatomy, University Diploma in Abdominal Ultrasound, University Diploma in Digestive Endoscopy.
Diplomas of 3rd cycles of university studies in Paris (Paris XI): University Diploma in Laparoscopic Abdominal Surgery (Paris School of Surgery, Kremlin-Bicètre), University Diploma in Clinical Oncology Villejuif (IGR).


Denis Chriqui | Ph.D in Economics

Economist and former professional trader. After a Ph.D in economics from the University of Montpellier and training at the Wharton School, Denis was for more than 16 years a business buyer, professor of economics, specialist and researcher in behavioral finance, trainer in technical analysis and director of an import-export company. He worked as a professional trader in New York at Herzog Heine Geduld (Merrill Lynch) and E Trade for more than 6 years as an arbitrageur-strategist on derivatives, then in portfolio management and front office manager. Since 2004, Denis has been devoting himself to his vocation for teaching and proprietary trading.

Thierry Monmasson| Ph.D In Pharmaceutical Sciences

1993: Pharmacist Diploma: six-year university degree in industrial pharmacy with honors at the University of Pharmacy of Marseille. 1998: Master degree in Sciences, speciality Biochemistry and genetics at the University of medecine of Marseille. 1999: Diplôme d’études approfondies: one-year degree before postgraduate studies in cellular and molecular biology at the University of medecine of Marseille.
RESEARCH : Study of chaperone proteins and thyroid hormonegenesis, contribution to the study of the action of the disulfide isomerase protein in the thyroglobulin metabolism. 

Olivier Rousselle | Ph.D In Quantum Physics

Passionate by science and by the universe, Olivier has obtained a PhD in quantum physics at Sorbonne Université in 2022. He has dealt with different research topics until now: particle physics and software development at CERN; foundations of quantum physics at ENS; modeling and statistics at CNRS; biology and environmental studies at AgroParisTech. Moreover, he is passionate about the crypto / blockchain ecosystem, and he is currently involved in the development of efficient crypto algorithmic bots.

Curriculum : PhD in Physics at Sorbonne Université (2019-2022).

Master in Theoretical Physics at Aix-Marseille Université (2018-2019).

Engineer School AgroParisTech (2013-2017).

Florian | Ph.D in Law

2007-2010 : Law degree (University of Toulon)

2010-2011 : Master of Law, Mention public law and private law (University of Toulon)

2011-2012 : Master of Notarial Law (University of Toulon).

2012-2016 : PhD in public law on “Taxation of non -resident foreigners in France”, very honorable mention (University of Toulon).

Jaime | Ph.D in Economics

Samuel I MSc In Physics

Master’s Degree – Magnetic Fusion Confinement Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI) 2012 – 2015

Diploma in Basic Physics International Center for Theoretical Physics Trieste, Italy 2011 – 2012

Maitrise de Physique Université Marien Ngouabi Congo 2009 – 2010

Licence de Physique Université Marien Ngouabi Congo 2008 – 2009

Adrien Marchand| MSc In International Finance

ESM IAE Metz Master 2, International Finance · (2017 – 2018)

Saint Petersburg State University of Economics. Master 1 International Management · (2016 – 2017)

Université d’Angers – Bachelor of Science in Economics and International management · (2015 – 2016).

Thomas P. I Ph.D in Financial Engineering

Princeton University, USA Sept. 2014 – January 2020 PhD, Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE) Department

École normale supérieure, Cachan, France Sept. 2013 M.S. in Machine Learning and Computer Vision (MVA), Department of Mathematics

Université Paris Sud, Orsay, France Sept. 2012 M.S. in Probability and Statistics, Department of Mathematics

École normale supérieure, Cachan, France Sept. 2011 B.S in Mathematics, Department of Mathematics

Jérôme Sohier| Ph.D in Biomedical engineering

Researcher at the « Tissue Biology and Therapeutic Engineering » department at the IBCP (CNRS & University of Lyon).

Born in France in 1976 and trained as a polymer chemist, Dr. Sohier was a junior researcher in the first European tissue engineering company (IsoTis) prior to obtaining a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from the university of Twente (Netherlands) in 2006. He then continued his studies and developments of regenerative medicine strategies in post-doctoral appointments in Nantes (Lab. of osteoarticular and dental engineering INSERM) and London (Imperial College, National Heart and Lung Institute). He has a strong interest in translating his research to patients needs and had the opportunity of participating in the creation of a startup company dedicated to bone repair, based on an innovative technology that he invented.  Since 2012, he is a permanent researcher in Lyon, where he continues to develop translatable approaches to repair and regenerate various tissues, for which there are no therapeutic alternatives.

Zackary E. | Advisor

Mickaël | MSc Financial Markets and Investments & Master in Management

Passionate about finance, economics and geopolitics, Mickael graduated with a double degree in Finance and Management.

Since 2018, he developed his expertise in the investment management and advisory industry through his international experiences in Asset Management and Wealth Management among global industry top players.

Mickael is currently the Head of Sales in a world leading Private Bank.

His interest in the blockchain ecosystem as well as his exposure to cryptocurrency investments led him to become an Advisor at Hélice.

Héloïse Ravaz| Founder and CEO

William I Master in International Management

Seasoned expert in digital asset management, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from ASSAS Paris-II and a Master’s from NEOMA Business School. He has over three years of hands-on experience in managing private cryptocurrency funds and day trading. His familiarity with DeFi and Web 3 protocols, coupled with his strong background in economics and finance, has been instrumental in his strategic approach to investment.

Florian Reinhart I Ph.D in Neurosciences

Bachelor’s degree – Biochemistry 2007-2010
Aix-Marseille University

Master’s degree – Neurosciences 2010 -2012
Aix-Marseille University

Doctor of Philosophy
Ph.D Neurosciences – Neurophysiopathology – Medical devices

Grenoble Alpes University

Research topic: Near-infrared illumination in Parkinson’s disease: a preclinical study.

And that’s not all ! 

Hélice works closely with over a dozen other experts, including scientists, researchers, economists, traders, physicists, engineers, lawyers, and more….

Proudly helping Patients


Twitter Handle : @Helice_H