Why developing the Hélice token? To lower the prices of all these sophisticated medical technologies. For example, bionic arm prostheses and exoskeletons are extremely expensive. And what about future artificial heart prostheses? They will be more than 110,000 euros! Today,all theses technologies dedicated to improving or extending life are only limited to a select few elite. You certainly don’t want to wait till 2100 for them to be available to everyone of you, do you? Yet, in this sector, two methods can basically be used to lower prices: innovation and large-scale production. These are very time-consuming processes. WORSE than that, in our sector, they are frozen. According to us, our Hélice token, as we have conceived it, may accelerate the process in time.

Hélice token is not for sale yet.



Hélice is an ERC20 token that has been created on the Ethereum blockchain on 31st July 2020. Its whole offering is 1. No more tokens can be created

The Hélice is the most streamlined token made by current technology. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain, and this latter’s resilience has been proven. The technology is mature, the suppliers are numerous and the ever growing community is made of several millions of investors. Time has come!

How will it work ?

WHITE PAPER : our project is young but growing very fast. We will be happy to present to you our economic model soon

Interests and results:


-The customer has obtained a price reduction
-The token is necessary for this business model
-The token represents a strong competitive advantage (our product is cheaper than our competitor’s)
-The token creates real value
-The investor is rewarded for the success of the sale (during the buyout), which he himself facilitated thanks to the price reduction
-This system encourages the company to sell and buy its own token (liquidity)