A breakthrough in health financing

For bionic prostheses and artificial organs


join an innovative start-up and stand among the first investors to benefit from a strong growth potential.


A highly deflationary and one-of-a-kind token: its offering is 1


Get a crypto that genuinely saves lives (to be proud of your investment).



Be proud of your investment

The fabulous destiny of Dylan, whose leg was amputated when he was 20

Discover in less than 3mn:


The tremendous potential of this new crypto


The tangible demonstration of its usefulness ensuring future success



French Version ( à venir)

English Version (coming soon)

Prostheses at the price of a Tesla SUV !

Retinal implants, artificial heart, bionic arm, exoskeletons… This high-tech equipment is cost-prohibitive. Few patients can afford it, and government funding is often very

The 200€ Bitcoin …

In 2015, did you also fail to get the 200€ Bitcoin? Like (almost) everyone else… And
now? You’d like to make up for it. Don’t feel like you’re always missing the boat. Missing
out on high potential opportunities…

-99% !

Are you worried about the extreme volatility of the crypto market? This is
often what first and foremost prevents you from investing in it (nobody wants to lose their
hard-earned savings)! When looking at some price drops… likely to imply a 99% reduction in
your capital value!

Money laundering, pollution, scams…

Cryptos are denounced
in mainstream press. Only
the bad sides of it are discussed.
This sector is so controversial
that it is sometimes difficult to get one’s investment accepted.

Made off with the cash register…

Some cryptos are real scams. And those who created them vanish and with them all
investments after a few months…They are domiciled in exotic tax havens… You never see
your money again!

The solution: The one-of-a-kind Hélice Token

➡ Its offering is 1 and allows for an innovative sales method to dramatically bring down the price of high-tech medical equipment

For patients

This implies a straightforward message: to reduce the cost of prostheses (and other artificial organs) by 30%, 40% or even 50%.

So that the best of technology benefits the greatest number of people

Even when the Social Security system doesn’t agree to cover the costs

For example, the Hélice token shall help to


extend life expectancy of those patients who suffer from deficient organs (artificial heart for example)


recover some (almost) normal mobility for people who got one of their legs amputated


improve the sight of those who have become blind

Live better. Longer. And all this for a fraction of the
price that was previously required.

For investors

The Hélice token has been designed to:


be highly deflationary (there will never be more than one offering)


offer some floor price


be affordable to any investor (whatever your budget)


make purchasing easier (with your credit card as is the case for any purchase made on the Web)


invest in a meaningful project

 A one-of-a-kind token

Only one Hélice was created. The contract is “engraved” in the blockchain: there cannot be any additional creation. Hélice achieves regular buybacks when a prosthesis is sold.

A secure token

You can securely purchase it across a Website.  Thanks to the OTC (Over The Counter) implementation, Hélice can recreate your share of the token should any theft arise (and a hacker has no interest in stealing: the token has no value outside the OTC). The provider in charge of the OTC has been approved by the AMF, this being a real sign of confidence.

A useful token

The Hélice project is meaningful. And it specifically helps people to improve their living conditions. Even to live longer and enjoy good health. Whatever the project -a crypto one or not-success is linked to demand. Hélice will change the lives of thousands of people!

A token that is easily accessed

Hélice can easily be bought with your credit card. You just need a few minutes. Even if you have never bought any crypto before. No registration to any centralized exchange. No KYC. No keywords to be saved.

A French token

Hélice Prosthesis company is based in France in La Garde (83). All transactions shall be Governed by French and European law. This country is not a tax haven and there is no mysterious exotic domiciliation!

A token that was born to win

From its conception to its objective, everything has been made for the token to follow a winning path: Its scarcity, its usefulness, its deflationary structure and its regular buybacks.

A promising token

The current demand is already strong and the population is aging; The two parameters provide for a growing market. The prosthese and artificial organ field is just beginning its expansion. Hélice vision makes it possible to consider living longer in good health. And it is accessible to the largest number of people…


Floor price

Thanks to the OTC implementation, Hélice can decide of a specific floor price. No market dealing can be made by any large investor. All buy and sell orders are approved by Hélice. Volatility is therefore limited.

A token that will change the way cryptos are viewed

Like Dylan, Hélice may change the lives of thousands of patients and their families. It won’t be possible for anyone to say that cryptos are useless!

Hélice Prothesis, a made in France start-up

Based near Toulon in La Garde (83), in the South of France, the company has developed a vision and strong values.

What’s its purpose?

To (at last!) drive things forward in the field of reconstructive medicine. To make it possible for more people to bear the the cost of high-tech prostheses and artificial organs and thus improve the lives of thousands of patients.

To put an end to the inertia that has lasted for years. And to the unfulfilled promises made by the Silicon Valley to make medical technological advances accessible.

Thanks to the creation of a unique crypto-asset (the Hélice token) Hélice Prosthesis is committed to offer technological products to everyone!

In collaboration with a network of specialists and economists, Hélice Prosthesis aims at revolutionizing the sector in the near future

What are its objectives?


To bring the prices of bionic prostheses and artificial organs down


To use its profits to invest in R&D and improve existing equipment


To make it possible for thousands of people to live better (and longer)

Why Hélice?

Hélice Prosthesis clearly aims at making things happen in terms of high-tech reconstructive medicine funding.

It also aims at driving the sector forward with a token. As the propeller moves the ship. That’s a small but necessary part for energy to be converted into movement …

The movement is at the genesis of the project as conceived by Hélice Prosthesis. Just as it is its final purpose.


A systemic move (by disrupting the business model)


Allowing amputees, disabled people or people confined to a hospital bed to move again (thanks to prostheses that are easier to live with)


For the Hélice token to be stronger (to help more and more patients)


Customer support 24/7

I’ve never bought cryptos before. How difficult is the process?

To buy your share of the token, all you need is a Credit Card. Nothing different from any other purchase online. You can choose the amount you want to invest. Then you fill in your details and your credit card number on the secure site. 

No need to have any crypto wallet or any account on a crypto currency buying platform.

Is the token floor price guaranteed?

No. That’s impossible! In any investment in a crypto project, especially in its early stages, there is a danger of total capital loss.

That being said, the nature of the token is highly deflationary:there is only one, the company regularly buys back a share (to keep the price up) and each year a portion is also withdrawn from sale. 

What happens once I have purchased my share of the Hélice token?

You receive an email confirming your purchase.

You will be informed by email of the opening of the OTC exchange which will allow you to sell or buy back your token.

You can also follow us on our twitter account:https://twitter.com/helice77

Yet, we invite you to adopt a mid- to long-term vision when considering the Hélice project.

Member of the Club 1000 Handicap International 

Important Notice

Currently, Hélice Prosthesis does not have and does not claim to get the visa of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers for an ICO (not mandatory). Investing in crypto-currencies, ICOs or tokens is highly speculative. Anyone considering it should be prepared to potentially lose their entire investment.