Halving the price of artificial organs and bionic prostheses.



The solution: The one-of-a-kind Hélice Token

➡ The Hélice token aims at dramatically lowering the price of artificial organs and bionic prostheses.

For patients

These technologies are indeed very expensive, which is particularly due to their complexity but also to the fact that they are custom made for each patient. Unlinke cars, they cannot be mass-produced, although it would allow economies of scale.

Hélice can reduce the cost of prostheses (and other artificial organs) by 30%, 40% or 50%.

So that the best of technology benefits the greatest number of people.

Even when the Social Security system doesn’t agree to cover the costs.

The Hélice token shall help to


extend life expectancy of those patients who suffer from deficient organs (artificial heart for example).


recover some (almost) normal mobility for people who got one of their legs amputated.


improve the sight of those who have become blind.

Live better. Longer. And all this for a fraction of the
price that was previously required.

A project that solves a real problem

The fabulous destiny of Dylan, whose leg was amputated when he was 20

More patients like Dylan : 


Thanks to the Hélice project, more patients like Dylan will benefit from prostheses that will change their lives forever. Heart, retina, arm and much more. Artificial organs are among the most disruptive technologies in the world.


Hélice has selected Californian patients who will be the next to be equipped !

For investors

The Hélice token has been designed to:


be highly deflationary (its max supply is 1 unit).


Reduce supply with time thanks to buyback-burn.


offer a dividend.


make purchasing easier (with your credit card as is the case for any purchase made on the Web).


invest in a meaningful project.

A one-of-a-kind token

The maximum supply of the Hélice token is 1 unit, which can be divided up to 18 decimals. NO money creation is allowed. In addition, Hélice performs a burn after the sale of a prosthesis, which will further reduce the total supply over time.

A trusting relationship

When purchasing the token, a contract subjected to the French and European law will be signed by the investor and Hélice which commits itself to respect a number of strict rules regarding the protection of your tokens and the management of the platform. 

A useful token

The Hélice project is meaningful. And it specifically helps people to improve their living conditions. Even to live longer and enjoy good health. Whatever the project -a crypto one or not-success is linked to demand. Hélice will change the lives of thousands of people!

A rigorous transparency

On the Hélice platform, the investor will have access to all the data about each buyback and burn, the number of tokens deleted as well as the exact number of prostheses sold at a lower price thanks to the token.

A French company

Hélice Prosthesis company is based in France in La Garde (83). All transactions shall be Governed by French and European law.  No mysterious exotic domiciliation!

A bold tokenomics

From its conception to its completion, the Hélice token was designed to optimize its chances to rise in value: scarcity, utility, deflationary structure, regular buybacks and burns.

A promising sector

The size of the artificial organs and bionics market will reach $53.9 billion by 2027. With its token, Hélice and its partners will have a significant competitive advantage and thus has the potential to become a leader in this sector. Its ultimate dream: to one day develop its own technology.


Protection against manipulation

By operating via a platform administered by Hélice, each buy and sell order is validated by Hélice itself. This way, no market manipulation can be made by a major investor, such as hostile takeovers or massive short selling attacks.

A token that will change the way cryptos are viewed

Like Dylan, Hélice may change the lives of thousands of patients and their families. It won’t be possible for anyone to say that cryptos are useless ! Hélice can federate more people than only crypto investors.

Hélice Prothesis, our vision and values.

Based near Toulon, in the South of France, the company has developed a vision and strong values.

What’s its purpose?

To (at last!)  make it possible for more people to bear the the cost of high-tech prostheses and artificial organs and thus improve the lives of thousands of patients.

To put an end to the inertia that has lasted for years. And to the unfulfilled promises made by the Silicon Valley to lower the price of these products through technological progress alone.

Thanks to the creation of a unique crypto-asset and its unique concept.

In collaboration with a network of specialists and economists, Hélice Prosthesis aims at revolutionizing the sector in the near future.

What are its objectives?


To bring the prices of bionic prostheses and artificial organs down.


To use its profits to invest in R&D and improve existing equipment.


To make it possible for thousands of people to live better (and longer).

Why Hélice?

Hélice aims at driving the sector forward with a token. As the propeller moves the ship. That’s a small but necessary part for energy to be converted into movement …

The movement is at the genesis of the project as conceived by Hélice Prosthesis. Just as it is its final purpose.


A systemic move (by disrupting the business model).


Allowing amputees, disabled people or people confined to a hospital bed to move again (thanks to prostheses that are easier to live with).


For the Hélice token to be stronger (to help more and more patients).


Available 24/7

Is the Hélice token based on Ethereum ?

Hélice is a multiblockchain project. Therefore, we can use several different blockchains, provided that they are public. To date, an Hélice token, divisible to 18 decimal places, is registered on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). The contract can be found on Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/token/0x8d7f0d4fa4d408ab026daf3b6781ede52212ef36.  (the token is not for sale yet)

I’ve never bought cryptos before. How difficult is the process?

At this date, the token is not for sale.

To buy your share of the token, all you will need is a Credit Card. Nothing different from any other purchase online. You can choose the amount you want to invest. Then you fill in your details and your credit card number on the secure site. 

No need to have any crypto wallet.

Member of the Club 1000 Handicap International 


The information contained in this website has not been approved by any public authority and may be amended or updated without prior notice. Hélice Prosthesis does not have the visa of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers for an ICO (not mandatory). Investing in crypto-currencies, ICOs, STOs or tokens is highly speculative and may result in the total loss of your capital. These assets are indeed highly volatile. Please make sure to always search and check information. No token is currently issued.